BSc Degrees for Exchange students

In the French framework of engineering education, UTC offers MSc-degrees ("Diplômes d'Ingénieur") while many of our international partner institutions award BSc and MSc degrees. In order to enhance UTC's international attractiveness, UTC may exceptionally award a UTC-BSc degree to international exchange students.


The Université de Technologie de Compiègne Bachelor of Sciences (UTC-BSc) (Diplôme Certificat d'Études Supérieures de Technologie de l'UTC) can only be awarded to international exchange students. Students having achieved 60 ECTS credit points (ECTS-CP) in the following categories may apply for the UTC-BSc :

30 ECTS-CP from coursework and 30 ECTS-CP from a project

  • Scientific knowledge and techniques and methods : ≥ 18 ECTS-CP
  • Communication, culture & technology, management : ≥ 8 ECTS-CP
  • Internship or lab project : ≥ 30 ECTS-CP

OR 60 ECTS-CP from coursework

  • Scientific knowledge and techniques and methods : at least 36 ECTS-CP
  • Communication, culture & technology, management : at least 16 ECTS-CP

In order to apply, students should first check whether their home institution has established an exchange agreement with UTC and then send an application via their local course coordinator, e.g., the local International Relations Office.

The standard application file has to be completed. "I apply for the Université de Technologie de Compiègne Bachelor of Sciences (UTC-BSc)" should be clearly written at the bottom of the chosen course list.

› The UTC-BSc is free of extra charges

Welcome package

UTC does all it all can to assist motivated French beginners by offering a welcome-package, which consists of :

  • Assistance for airport-transfer from Paris-airports to Compiègne, i.e. personalized transfer information
  • Assistance for housing
  • Free French intensive course (during 1 month prior to the semester)
  • Team of English-speaking advisors for daily problems, e.g. administration, visa, housing, shopping


Responsable de l'accueil des étudiants étrangers
Céline de Araujo
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