Courses taught in English

Mechanical engineering

  • MP03 - Supply chain management

Computer engineering

  • NF16 (tutorial) - Data structures, Algorithms
  • LO21 (tutorial) - Object oriented programming and design

Biological engineering

  • BT21 - Molecular biotechnologies and genetic engineering
  • BT03 - Manipulation of cells, tissues and organs - immunology
  • BM07 - Biocompatibility
  • BL17 - Protein engineering
  • BG06 - Master Molecular interaction, supramolecular recognition and biomimetics

Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • EI03 - Intercultural communication in corporate, multinational organisations (English and French)
  • EI05 - European Union society and science policy
  • LA93 - French as a foreign language level III (dedicated to international students)

Internship Lab Project

  • PR/TX - Project work
  • TN09 - Long term industrial placement/lab project

Note: Urban Systems engineering and Chemical engineering fields do not provide any courses taught in English for the moment.

Pedagogical activities projects (API - Activités pédagogiques à l'intersemestre) will take place from February 2020 and may be taught in English and/or German. More info here



AOS - Understanding complex systems in order to better model and optimize them

  • AOS1 - Advances in statistical machine learning
  • AOS3 - Modelling and optimizing discrete systems

ARS - Designing "smart" automat and robotic systems

  • ARS1 - Advanced control of dynamical systems
  • ARS3 - Algorithms and protocols for the systems of systems
  • ARS4 - Estimation for robotic navigation
  • ARS5 - Control of autonomous robots in cooperation

BMI - Innovating our understanding and actions with regard to the human body

  • BMI0 - Mechanical properties of biological systems
  • BMI1 - Engineering of biological and bioartificial systems
  • BMI2 - Microfluidics and microsystems for biological and healthcare applications
  • BMI3 - Modelling neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems in interaction
  • BMI4 - Modelling osteoarticular and musculoskeletal systems in interaction
  • BMI5 - Nanotechnologies and nanomechanics of complex biological systems
  • BMI6 - Multiphysics modelling of the vascular system

SMC - Designing and optimizing mechanical structures and systems

  • SMC1 - Comportements mécaniques de complexes
  • SMC3 - Méthodes d'identification et de caractérisation du comportement des matériaux
  • SMC4 - Couplaces multi-physiques, optimisation et réduction des modèles
  • SMC5 - méthodes numériques avancées

SMT - Designing and optimizing innovative mechatronic systems

  • SMT1 - Systems modelling and simulation
  • SMT4 - Conception et commande de systems mécatroniques à énergie embarquée
  • SMX6 - Smart materials