UTC’s Missions & Values

The UTC Model

UTC stands as a model for its training schemes where engineering sciences, social sciences and humanities, economics and political science are blended harmoniously together to serve the overarching aim of training of tomorrow's engineers, scientists, managers, as innovative, humanist persons capable of controlling and mastering complex situations in today's information and communications intensive society.

UTC is an institution that lends meaning to our Societies, in which different cultures and different modes to understand the world can exchange usefully.

It is a focal point where the leitmotiv 'innovation' is defined and redefined continuously.

Technology is the name for science when it explores applications developed by men, for Mankind.
(Guy Deniélou)


› UTC was created for this purpose

"Being creative is to invent, to experiment, to grow, to take risks, to overturn the rules, to make mistakes and have fun together." (Mary Lou Cook) 


› UTC place Mankind at the heart of its

"Mankind is both the unique starting point and also the end-point, where everything comes together." (Denis Diderot) 


› UTC created biotechnological sciences and engineering

"Inter-cultural relationships plead for tolerance, accepting others for what they represent. Based on mutual respect, it is a highly dynamic cross-fertilization of shared experience." (Jean-Macaire MUNZELE Munzimi) 


› UTC never operates alone and is continuously interacting with its students, enterprise and other academic institutions

"The only route that offers any hope for a better future for Mankind lies in co-operation and partnerships." (Kofi Annan, former Sec.Gen. United Nations) 


› UTC has developed a culture of risk-taking

"Whatever you dream about doing, go ahead and just do it. Bravery combines genius, power and magic." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

"Bravery is the first and last resource of the very best geniuses." (Simon de Bignicourt)

"Bravery helps those who make the most of opportunities." (Marcel Proust)




The skills that UTC will instill in its future graduate engineers or scientists are: knowing how to manage complexity and uncertainty, how to co-operate in a world of multicultural relationships, how to register actions in a time-space framework with a context of international links and globalization.

UTC entertains the ambition to be recognized as a major, world-class, European university of technology, focused and drawing on creativity and innovation.

Though our creative actions, we wish to play a key role in the war of ideas that heralds in the 21st Century. Developing students' creativity and potential relies on promoting a series of transverse, pluridisciplinary and inter-cultural approaches, with strong support from research findings. This also calls for a reinforcement of the arts base, a driving force for innovation, culture and a factor conducive to the development of citizenship and economic growth.

Through searching for innovation, we fully assume our triple role of advancing knowledge and know-how, transmitting and disseminating the same and also having Men transform them into all sorts of innovations serving Mankind and Society.

To uphold such a vision, coherent as it is with UTC's values, modern in terms of the vision it provides for the role of the university and original in its ambition to prove creative, also implies that we ensure that a number of conditions are fully met:

  • a vision borne by and embodied in the UTC community, finding strength and commitment in accompanying an overarching project that is understood and shared by all concerned
  • an institutional organization and governance that proves both reactive and encouraging and which draws the best from each component part and from each member of our staff
  • personal and institutional development built with and for our students
  • a capacity to attract talents, to mobilize, develop, accompany and value-add to the manpower resources of the university
  • an increase and diversification of financial resources
  • a policy of strategic alliances and networks, notably in the framework of a strong territorial stance and positioning.
  • To assure excellent thematic research, in a conducive interdisciplinary context of commitment, open to the issues of its environment

  • To produce knowledge, skills and know-how by engaging in research activities

  • To transmit and disseminate knowledge through teaching and training and to accompany the undergraduates to develop an innovative outlook and vision

  • To introduce knowledge and innovations in a transformation process conducive to producing inventions

Lending meaning to ‘innovation’

Ever since 1972, the year of UTC's creation, innovation has been at the heart of the university's strategy and policy decisions, notably in terms of pedagogy. Today's modern world calls for new forms of useful innovation, designed for and by Society. We can judge innovation as a social requisite and no longer as a simple technical object or artefact. Inasmuch as innovation contributes to progress, it is not just the result of work by those who produce knowledge, but also by future users, but is very rapidly disseminated via digital equipment, processes and wide-ranging networks.

The lecturers, research scientists and engineers at UTC are busy lending meaning to innovation while remaining attentive to a world on the move and to the expectations of the university's entrepreneurial partners. They also place learning and entrepreneurial development at the heart of their concerns. UTC's technology-intensive stance aims at providing integrated answers to real problems and also at helping Society assimilate the answers. The university's activities benefit from the blend of scientific specialties, and encourage the adoption of new interdisciplinary stances, relying for this on the scientific excellence of the UTC laboratories and research programmes.

For these reasons, we see innovation as an ensemble of processes that allow you to transform new knowledge into a products or socio-technical objects that carry meaning for users, in a use-oriented logic, providing an added value for Society. But, over and above the innovation processes, there will be interpersonal interactions among those who share the ideas that led to innovative creations.

From builders to creators, a change in spirit

Engineering sciences, forming the core of UTC's teaching, training and research missions, allows us to bridge the distance between the advancement of basic sciences and concrete applications and reality. Beyond the requisite "understanding to understand", the UTC engineering specialties aim at "understanding to act". The fundamental laws of physics, chemistry, biology and mechanical engineering ... are, in essence, embodied in what engineers do and, in reverse, the problems that arise from practical engineering applications often generate new and basic scientific questions. It is this constant to-and-forth movement between knowledge and know-how that we identify one of the original features of engineering today, where technologies are created and develop.

Engineering schools must train innovative graduates today, which alone is a major challenge, calling, as it does, for a deep-reaching change of our university pedagogy. We must develop innovation and gradually move on from the intrinsic and natural builder outlook of engineers to produce a more entrepreneurial, more innovative creator of business, jobs and activities, transforming innovation into the main driving force of our scientific and technological training schemes. This is indeed why Social Sciences and Humanities must be associated from the outset, to ensure the conditions are ripe for success. Interdisciplinarity provides students with the keys to succeed with their personal projects, in a holistic vision of the creative process, producing in fine tomorrow's products and services. Over and above being knowledgeable and skilled in technologies, a UTC graduate is also capable of thinking socially, environmentally and indeed of incorporating all other aspects of the challenges ahead!