UTC Governance

In compliance with the French Education « code » and with the institution’s statutory texts, UTC has several governing bodies that enable the association of various UTC actors and their industrial partners and the territorial collectivities, viz., the University’s Board of Governors, an Executive Academic Committee, the Scientific Steering Council, the Dean’s Committee, the Technical Committee, the Hygiene, Work and Safety Committee, the PhD school advisory Council, the Departmental Bureau …

The Board of Governors, chaired by Jean-Louis Chaussade

The University's Board of Governors, currently chaired by Jean-Louis Chaussade, sets the general policy framework for the institution, covering teaching and training, research and technology transfer. There are 28 Governors:

  • 14 are external appointed personalities (3 of whom represent local authorities, viz., the city of Compiegne and surrounding area, the Oise Department and the Hauts-de-France Region)
  • 4 elected undergraduates
  • 8 representatives of the academic staff
  • 2 representatives of the admin. and technician staff

The Executive Academic Committee

The Director of the UTC engineering school (also President & Vice-Chancellor of the University) chairs an Executive Academic Committee to assist in his remit, with 17 Members and 6 invited Members:

  • the Directors of the 7 university Departments
  • the Executive Director of the University Services
  • the Operational Directors
  • and likewise those in charge of the Support Services.

This Executive Committee has the remit to implement the policy decisions taken by the Board and to assure the management of the University.

The Pluridisciplinary Scientific Steering committee

In the framework of the institution's research policy, UTC benefits from the advice of a scientific steering committee, with 17 elected Members and 6 Members designated as 'external experts':

  • 6 representatives of industrial research
  • 11 lecturer-research scientists
  • 3 engineers and admin. staff
  • 3 PhD students.

The experts are all specialists in their respective fields, with varied, complementary backgrounds and track-records, leading to rich debates at committee level. The committee is chaired by the President of UTC assisted by a Vice-President.

The Dean’s Committee

The Dean's Committee (covering training cursus and campus life) proposes certain UTC course orientations and organization in initial and continuous education, to the Board of Governors.

The Committee also analyses and decides on habilitations and new training stream projects. It also analyses questions and issues that relate to life on the campus, supportive activities, the university library, the university social services, etc.

There are 27 Members, including 10 elected UTC undergraduates. The committee is chaired by the President of UTC assisted by two Vice-Presidents, one of whom is statutorily a student.