The Air Show: Compiègne ‘Aéro Classic’ 2017

Former students [PR et GE37] specialty « aéro », Messrs Jean-Marc PICARD and Frédérick COLLINOT, President of the Cercle des Machines Volantes, are happy to extend a welcome invitation to come to the Air Show Compiègne Aéro Classic 2017, June 17-18 at the Compiègne-Margny airfield (code LFAD).

This will be the 5th edition organised by the Cercle des Machines Volantes (CMV) and will focus on The battle of France, 1940; there will be numerous surprises on hand. There will be a reenactment of a military campsite with some unique WWII armoured vehicles, with vintage uniforms and equipment and especially noteworthy some “machines” with flight worthy models restored by internationally accepted state-of-the art techniques.

Each semester, some 15 UTC students commit themselves in the PR and GE37 framework in a partnership with the Cercle des Machines Volantes and UTC!

For the first time, besides the usual UTC stand, there will be a UTC tent on the edge of the runway for this event. The public at large (including UTC students) can visit, watch the show and present the work done by PR and GE37 students who help in the reconstruction of some mythical airplanes such as the Latécoère 28, piloted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (CAD, digital modelling, lab tests, creation of a “living” aeronautical museum in Compiègne). You will be most welcome at our stand and share your passion with us! The Association UTCiel is at your disposal via its Facebook® page for any information needed, is are the CMV, the PRs and the GE37s in Semester 17!

Entrance free: 10 € On sale here!