Sports activities are strongly encouraged

Sports are not obligatory at UTC, but the practice is strongly encouraged. About 65% of the students indulge in at least one sport evert year they are at UTC.

sport élite UTC

UTC sports organization relies on two pillars

The University Sports and Physical Exercise Service (SUAPS)

The University Sports and Physical Exercise Service (SUAPS) is tied to of the Technology and Social Sciences Department, the mission of which is to organize sport's activities in general on the campus and also teaching-training for certain sports (and students who sign up for the Sports elective).

The UTC Sports Association (UTC Sport)

The UTC Sports Association (UTC Sport) allows students to practise various sports (with competitive events) in the framework of the FFSortU (university sports federation) or with other "civilian" federations.

Any students who wishes to enter competitive sports must arrange their timetables so as to be available on Thursday afternoons (the national afternoon for all university sports under FFSportU)

'Sport élite', for high-level athletes

In order to cater for high-level athletes, allowing them to prepare their engineering diploma in the best academic conditions, UTYC has a special elective section called Sport Elite. The cursus is arranged in such a way that the students can follow their courses and achieve the performance levels they hope to attain in their sports specialty.


SUAPS et UTC Sport Elite
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