Practical information

UTC supports its students throughout their training and helps them with their day-to-day questions and problems.

The UTC University Library – acronym BUTC

The BUTC is open to all. In order to help you with research assignments and investigations during your studies, the Library is there with its collections and services. To find out more or how it works, please don't hesitate to talk with the librarians.

The reading rooms are spread over three levels in Building F.

Access - level 2

  • latest issues of French and foreign press
  • lending service and book returns
  • the UTC co-op shop (sale of courses, objects and other labeled UTC items)
  • the travel collection and non-French literature
  • the inter-Library service (to order and provide documents not held by the BUTC

Level 4

  • collections of scientific and technical works
  • the bibliographic data service

Level 5

  • General culture and press collections
  • the bibliographic data service
  • Reading unit for blind and impaired vision readers

There are accessible, connected computers at each level.

› Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 7 pm and to 8 pm during pre-exam periods. Saturdays 8:30 am to 12 am (except during the inter-semester break and university holiday periods).

The reading room is on level one in Building B.

Royallieu reading room

  • Collections of scientific and technical works
  • Press
  • Collection of UTC PhD theses (paper editions)
  • Lending service and book return
  • the inter-Library service (to order and provide documents not held by the BUTC
  • Documentary research and 'watchtower' service
  • Connected, accessible computers

› Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 7 pm.

Eliot is a single portal access to consult all UTC paper and electronic collection data. The research engine is affiliated to Google® and enables simultaneous search processes on paper, electronic sources and on part of the data bases.

Moreover, personalized services are offered: a personal 'basket' of selected items and the history log of research work, individualized alerts, on line services (requests for documents in the data or paper stores, requests that UTC acquire items, to the inter-library lending system (PEB).

The "Leave your question with us" service enables remote questioning of the librarians, to start a research process.

UTC makes available - for lecturers and students alike - a set of pedagogical tools and resources. The Pedagogical Aid Unit, which receives its remit from the UTC Training and Pedagogy Directorate, serves innovation in teaching/learning, offering services such as:

  • Pedagogical Resources: creation and sharing of pedagogical resources
  • Audiovisual aids: loans of equipment for AV-based pedagogical projects
  • For teaching purposes at UTC: participation in the management of the pedagogical platform code-named Moodle;
  • Lecturer support: aids to use of digital tools, creating pedagogical scenarios and guides, training in use of tools (Moodle, Scenarios, AV solutions);
  • Digitizing the University: participation in the scheme to digitize all HE establishments in the Picardie Region.

These state grants enable financial support or access to student accommodation, allocations being made on the basis of social criteria for:

  • Students who are French nationals
  • Non-French students, either with parents who have lived in France for over 2 years or who benefit from political asylum measures

The grant or accommodation attribution are decided (with a points-scale, updated each year) as a function of family or personal resources (relevant information can be had at the CROUS office in Amiens or at the 'welcome' desk of the local University Residence). The decisions are notified directly to the applicants by the CROUS.

› Please note that if you are in final year of the engineering course and are preparing a Master's degree in parallel, you are not allowed to apply for the Master's grant. You can, however, be considered under French Higher Education grants, likewise based on social criteria.

Picardie 'Pass'Etudes'

The Picardie 'Pass'Etudes' aid allows you to obtain a 50 to 100% reduction of an SNCF railway subscription: home-UTC or home to placement address (provided the placement is unpaid). Relevant information and conditions can be obtained at any SNCF station or by calling the "green-free" phone N°: 0 800 099 565.

The accommodation deposit warranty fund applies to students staying at the CROUS residences

It allow students to benefit from a solidarity warranty from the Picardie Region should they not have been able to secure the required deposit amount (from friends, family, Locapass ...). Each request is assessed by the CROUS.

Free meals at the CROUS restaurants

If you are aged less than 30, have qualified for a level 6 or 5 grant (social index less than 2 200 points) and also have some financial difficulties, you can also qualify for free meals at the CROUS restaurants, with a max.100 meals per academic year. This food aid is proposed by a decision of the CROUS service.

Aids for health-related matters

If you have qualified for a grant, the Picardie Region can also offer 90€ to offset a complementary health insurance scheme. An application form can be found at


Conseil Régional de Picardie Direction de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche
Phone : 03 22 97 37 31 | Contact by email


Loans (on honour)

If you are a French national student (or non-French but benefitting from political asylum), you may make an application for a loan (on honour) for one academic year.

Loans cannot come in addition to any other Higher Education Grant and financial funds for them are very limited; consequently, only a few applicants are selected to receive the loan. The loan committee convenes early December each year.

The loans must contractually be refunded, at latest in the 10th year after graduation.

Personal loans

Should you experience financial difficulties, you can contact the social service of the Crous (see below) at phone numbers, either +33 3 44 86 59 63 or +33 3 44 20 36 28.

Bank loans

Certain banks in France can personal loans at attractive interest rates, especially if you are likely to spend some of your student period abroad. The various bank outlets in Compiegne have all the information needed for possible student loan schemes.


If you are seeking accommodation/housing in/near Compiegne, here are some possible sources of information and assistance.


ALESC is an association specially set up to help students find accommodation.


In France, the regional university and school services (code-named Crous) are public offices there to help socially, to welcome students from abroad, to help find student accommodation, managing university level restaurants and students' cultural time-out. They are part of a national network: the CNOUS.


This Centre (national level " Crous ") is designed to help students throughout their training years. The CNOUS is notably present in mobility-intensive cursus.

Visale Action logement

More informations


This is an association that helps provide for free accommodation for students and a way to break the solitude of senior citizens, who agree to live together and provide inter-generation, mutual services.