The Research-Action Units

UTC has developed a new concept for its research activities, called the Innovation Units: Innovation of Contents and the Knowledge-Base (ICS) and QA for Product and Process Design and Innovation (CQP2i). These units bring together the actors committed to a development logic oriented to prototyping and/or concept qualification.

Innovation of Contents and the Knowledge-Base (ICS)

The idea of ICSs originated in 1999 at UTC, with this unit reporting to the UTC Technology and Humanities Department (THS). The ICS unit is at the interface of the academic and socio-economic worlds, with the development of uses of digital technologies in the knowledge engineering world. The unit's expertise is now strongly effectual when come to implementing concepts, both for the benefit of THS and UTC, involving, as it does, an innovative pedagogy in phase with contemporary engineering situations.

The origins of ICS are to be found:

  • through a pluridisciplinary encounter: document and ICT theory, pedagogy, organisation management ...
  • with application areas: document systems used to capitalize and transfer knowledge
  • and a founder tool: the editorial chain Scenari

The ICS unit has been assigned two missions, via:

  • the Pedagogical Support Office (CAP)
  • the Technological Research Office (CRT)


Directeur de l'Unité ICS
Manuel Majada
Contact by email

Standard de l'Unité ICS
Phone : 03 44 23 49 31 | Contact by email

Qualité en Conception des Produits et Procédés, Innovation (CQP2i)

QA for Product and Process Design and Innovation (CQP2i) is a pluridisciplinary research-action team (ergonomics, design, quality assessment (QA) ...) in partnerships with:

  • teams in other UTC departments (UTC-GB, UTC-GSU and UTC-GI for research activities;
  • the CSTI network (Scientific, Technological and Industrial Culture network) for pedagogy and dissemination
  • the (vocational) Lycée Professionnel Mireille Grenet, Compiegne, for applications
  • corporate structures: Domusvi, Bonduel, Picardie Habitat ...
  • European and Regional institutions (ARACT, INRS, AFNOR, ISO), and other international bodies (Brazil, Scandinavian countries, USA, Asia ...)

In parallel, presence in organisations such as the Janus de l'industrie, IEA (International Energy Agency), the UTC Prix Roberval, IMDR CF (Institute for Risk Control), COFRAC (French Accreditation Bureau)... allows the ICS to exercise watchdog and dissemination functions.

The proximity research acrivities lead to innovations that can be both pedagogical in essence, such as with AIRP (the Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving Workshop), the Printemps de l'Industrie, the Club Technologiques, and industrial with immediate applications and products (professional interactive i-pads, tools, packaging...) and industrial tools (work stations, sound surroundings, visual ambience...), sectorial (industrial sectors, standardization) or even more basic in nature, which taken together represent a wide range of resources that aid designers to carry out forward thinking in favour of sustainable innovations ...


Directeur de l'Unité CQP2i
Pierre-Henri Dejean
Phone : 03 44 23 46 00 | Contact by email

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