The Investments for the Future Programme

The Investments for the Future Programme has been launched in 2010 to support research and innovation in 6 strategic axes for the future of France. It aims to promote " French excellence " from basic research to industrial innovation. A total of 47 billion euros has been allocated to this program, from which UTC has amply benefited, thanks to its leading involvment through 8 PIA labeled structures.

This programme represents a mobilization of French State funding in Higher Education and Vocational training schemes, in research activities, industries and SMEs, in sustainable development and in all future oriented areas such as 'digital', 'biotech' or 'nuclear' sectors.

As a laureate establishment for 8 of the projects it presented 8 projects, UTC the university with the most Government Investment for the Future awards (PIAs) pro rata the number of research scientists which means that the Picardie Region was ranked first in France:

All told, 14 projects presented in Picardie were selected out of a total national 400 projects. These initiatives allowed UTC to widen the scope and value add to its skills and knowledge-base in a wide range of action domains and thus enable the establishment to meet and answer the major challenges ahead, that we see developing today, in the early 21st century.

Managing the French Government Investments for the Future incentives is concomitant with UTC's investment logic thrust, co-financing the financial efforts and means along with the State and other external partners' contributions.

Managing the investment programmes ties in with the university's investment policies, co-financing alongside these State allocations and those from external partners and opening up new 'paths to the future" via 6 chosen strategic axes, viz.:

higher education and research

To help potential university poles of excellence to emerge sufficiently so that they can operate on a par with world competition.

basic research and economic valorisation

To ensure that our laboratories can acquire the means needed to reach recognized excellence and to accelerate technology transfer activities.

(new) industrial sectors

To support the development of SMEs and similar innovative companies and to consolidate strategies that open the path to future strategic sectors.

sustainable development

To contribute significantly to the Governments' energy (and ecology) transition programme, seen as a source for new, more sustainable, growth models

the digital economy

To contribute to the deployment of Very High Data rate networks, equipment, devices and infrastructures in France and to help prepare for new utilizations in enterprise and in homes.

health and biotechnologies

To make progress in advancement of knowledge and develop new solutions to help anticipate, improve, develop and certify new approaches in the medical sectors and in agronomy, based on use of the capacities of living matter.

Les Investissements d'Avenir