IdeX SUPER: a world-class ‘excellence’ campus

To use recent HE terminology, a so-called “excellence initiative” combines both territorial logic for sets of HE and research establishments that have already gained recognition for their achievements in science and pedagogy.

The IdeX SUPER (Sorbonne Universities in Paris for Research and HE Training) is a development of the Sorbonne University Alliance, where UTC is one of the founding members, aims at mobilizing science-intensive communities in regard to given scientific, cultural, socially committed, intellectual projects and a general rethinking of universities as institutions.

Idex SUPER also offers open courses in which students can be trained to face complexity and benefit from strong specialty training whereby they can interact with experts from other fields and cultural backgrounds.

UTC provides its specific academic skills in the areas of innovation and building partnerships with the socio-economic spheres, whilst making the most from the calls for project issued by COMUE and naturally from the associate the financial support. IdeX SUPER can therefore create real synergies in research activities when it comes to investigating complex, global problems.

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