A Chair of mathematical modelling and systemic biology in predictive toxicology

UTC and the National Institute for Industrial Environments and Associate Risks (INERIS) , created a Teaching and Research Chair on the theme of mathematical modelling and systemic biology as applicable to predictive toxicology.

The Chair of Mathematical modelling and systemic biology in predictive toxicology, financially supported by the UTC Foundation for a period of 6 years, was set up to develop teaching, research and communication (PR) activities for enterprises on their thematics.

The objectives assigned to this INERIS Chair were numerous:

  • To accompany industrial enterprises to implement the regulatory requirements of REACH (EU directive). This directive makes industrials in chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors directly responsible for the assessment and management of risks associated with their chemical based products as well as for providing appropriate information to customers and users in terms of safety.

  • Predicting and assessing the level of toxicity in chemical products, pollutants and - in general - all agents that stress the environment (heat, radiation, noise ...)

  • Proposing alternatives to in vivo animal experimentation

  • Developing specific training courses at engineer, Master's and PhD levels

As far as teaching is concerned, a special optional course in bio-computing sciences was successfully launched. Every year, 25 students are trained in this emerging specialty. A dozen or so interventions take place each year at UTC and in other French Universities. Finally, a dozen or so students were given initial training in research and the framework of personal project assignments.

Research activities have been rewarding per se. Six research scientists have been trained at PhD and post-doctoral levels. The UTC reputation has been reinforced in the field of systemic biology, with an average of 7 papers published every year on average.

One of the most interesting topics on which INERIS and UT have carried out joint work relates to network modelling in a Bayesian context. This is a difficult theme but which has important applications and presents an exciting challenges to research scientists. The collaboration between INERIS and UTC will be pursued, in particular with the UTC Computer Science and Engineering Department as a key player.


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