Course choices and French language classes

At UTC, you can choose your courses from many teachings and improve yourself in french language.

Course choices

UTC has a flexible course system whereby the students gain and accumulate Credit Course (CCs) points, over a two semester period. The scope of the CCs is wide-ranging and each CC at UTC carries between 4 and 6 ECTS (European Credit and Transfer System). The annual commitment for an undergraduate at UTC is 60 ECTS (equivalent to approx. 12 CCs).

Exchange students can choose CCs in the Core Programme and/or elective major specialties provided that the courses taken are effectively taught (and taken) during the appropriate semester and that the choice is compatible with the overall university course schedules.

The final choice must be approved both by the 'home' and the 'host' universities. Although most courses are delivered in French, some are also given in English.

Coherent packages of credit courses in English

Each academic department at UTC has designed a coherent package of credit courses in English to enable non-francophone international students to undertake a period of study at UTC and to obtain credits. This is offered to "exchange and degree-seeking students" both at the French engineering degree and the Master's levels.

Project work, placement/internships in enterprise

UTC also proposes a number of project oriented CCs that call for practical knowledge, skills and know-how. The students who chose these CCs will work in small group formation in close liaison with a UTC designated training officer. The list of course contents is published before each semester start and the students can register freely to attend any of these CCs.

Moreover, students who wish to benefit from a professional environment placement can do so with an entrepreneurial partner. This placement must necessarily be preceded by a semester of regular academic courses at UTC.

Inter-semester French language classes

A four-week intensive training course in French is offered to students who come to France in the framework of international partnerships and agreements, before the start of each semester. These intensive sessions are consolidated throughout the semester with weekly 3 to 4 hour sessions.

  • 4 weeks in either July or August: intensive French language courses (100h), with excursion tours, cultural and sports activities.
  • 4 weeks end January to end February: intensive French language courses (80-100h).

› The French language course sessions are free for all exchange students. Registration should take place as early as possible given the limited number of seats offered in the course.


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