UTC's doctoral school (UTC-ED)

The doctorate is seen as a professional experience comprising 3 year's research work in a university (or equivalent) laboratory, in a major research establishment, or a private sector R&D division. After the 3 years research, the PhD aspirant presents his/her thesis to an academic Jury who assesses the work, the results and, if satisfied, awards the doctoral degree.

In a wider context, the PhD also rewards the high level professional experience and knowledge gained. The PhD is ordinarily seen as a diploma leading to a research career in either private or public units or also high level teaching positions, or in innovative work in an entrepreneurial field. During this professional phase, the aspirant PhD is monitored by the Doctoral School (UTC-ED). The primary role of ED is to guarantee the high level training in research activities, preparing future, reliable professionals.

The supervision of PhD students is ensured by one, two (or even three) thesis supervisors, in a research unit certified by the French ministry in charge of Higher Education and Research. UTC-ED is sensitive to the professional track-record of each PhD student, including an evaluation of professional relationships, mutual respect and other qualities needed to correctly integrate a professional team.

UTC-ED was created in 1985 and therefore has accumulated a large background of experience which helps improve the service offer; moreover, ED is an integral part of the Sorbonne Universities Cluster doctoral college.

HE teaching experience

While doing his/her PhD thesis, the PhD student can undertake teaching assignments (spot lectures if the student is a grantee or an employee (provided the employer agrees), or as an additional clause to the doctoral contract known as the "1/6th teaching clause), provide the thesis supervisor(s) agree. They can also act in an advisory capacity in private enterprise with his/her thesis supervisor(s).

Partnership research with the entrepreneurial world

The connections of UTC with the socio-economic spheres can also be seen in the theses carried out in the framework of partnership research contracts (CIFRE contract, short for Industrial Contracts for Training in Research) managed by the ANRT (Association Nationale de la Recherché Technique) for the ministry in charge of Higher Education and Research.

CIFRE contracts allow enterprises to recruit young BAC+5 students for R&D work leading to a doctoral degree. Three partners - an enterprise, a laboratory and a young student.


Head of doctoral school
Christine Prelle
Phone : 03 44 23 52 86 | Contact by email

Responsable administrative de l'école doctorale
Marion Kaczkowski
Phone : 03 44 23 44 10 | Contact by email

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