The vocational degree in "Maintenance of Multi-technical Systems"

The prime objective assigned to the “Vocational degree in Maintenance of Multi-technical Systems” is to train high level, efficient technicians who can look after and guarantee safety factors for industrial equipment, at least cost.

A secondary aim is to prepare for acquisition of intermediate skills (between technicians and engineers) for jobs positions as heads of maintenance services.

The professionals trained here implement tools and management techniques for maintenance and to design continuous 'improvements' for availability and safety factors of the equipment used. They will define and implement monitoring and equipment inspection operations, auto-diagnosis and remote-maintenance solutions, maintenance team management (in-house staff and external sub-contractors).

Students, salaried workers and job-seekers can request an application file if they are holders of a BAC+2 qualification, such as:

  • BTS Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical engineering, Industrial Automation, Electro= technical engineering or other engineering specialty
  • DUT Industrial Maintenance Engineering, Industrial electrical and ICT engineering, Mechanical and production engineering ...
  • A degree (Bologna scheme, level 2) in Science and Technologies or in Engineering sciences.

The skills provided in this course are: 

  • Designing improvements to attain safer functions 
  • Defining and implementing advanced maintenance protocols
  • Piloting maintenance operations
  • Communicating with various partners

The training package is subdivided as follows:

  • 480 classroom hours, including lab work
  • 120 on a tutor monitored project 
  • 15 weeks on a placement mission

The programme contents cover: 

  • General enterprise culture: Communication, the entrepreneurial world, English language skills
  • Maintenance management: Management, Maintenance project management, Maintenance management, Production management
  • Safety in functions and advanced maintenance techniques: Monitoring and inspection, Auto-diagnosis, remote maintenance, The RAMS approach (FMDS - French for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety), Statistical tools
  • Technologies associated with systems: Control systems, Hydraulics, Functional and structural analyses, Electrical engineering

Placements in enterprise

The placement provides a professional setting for the training skills acquired by the trainees and prepares them for future recruitment and insertion.

Tutor monitored project

In a monitored project situation the trainees can analyse can seek solutions for problems relate to industrial maintenance. The trainees also experience team environments, which is a vital factor to ensure efficient enterprise operations.

Professional Openings

Those who graduate with the Vocational degree can seek employment in a wide range of industrial maintenance:

  • head of a maintenance team of technicians
  • had of a caretaking service, new installations
  • head of a maintenance service
  • senior technician, heading maintenance teams
  • head of a technical, engineering service

Possible (numerous) sectors:

  • energy production
  • automobile sector
  • petrochemical sector
  • iron and steel making 
  • production of industrial equipment
  • agrofood sector
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • air and railroad systems

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