Urban Engineering (GU)

Intense urban development round the world is drawing attention and to face the numerous challenges as we design smart sustainable cities for tomorrow, the UTC-GU Dept. proposes first the generalist training before providing in-depth skills and knowledge in the following specialties: building techniques, urbanism and land planning, water, waste and energy management policies and practice that take into account the technical environmental, legal, social and cultural constraints.

A systemic approach to cities

GU key figures

  • 745 GU graduates since 2003
  • 100 to 110 students register for GU each year
  • 32.7 k€ (annual before tax): average first position pay
  • 1 month (average) after graduating before first recruitment
  • 13% of the UTC-GU graduates work abroad


The GU programme combines theory and practice to gain insights and better understanding of sustainable urbanism, mobility, energy and housing; the GU students integrate their visions using modern computer design and analysis packages, for urban areas, cities and conurbations. This requires data base skills, geographic data collection, modelling techniques ...

GU, in its second phase, offers 3 specialties:


GU research is conducted by the UTC-AVENUES team, which relies on systemic analysis of urban problems, with models, methodology and software packages for aids to decision.

A first area covers the interactions and integrates environmental factors (documents, crisis management, impacts of climatic change).

A second area aims at optimising energy production and management on a single building or district scale, with the prospect of introducing renewable energies. AVENUES also has collaborative research contracts with external partners such as the French ministry in charge of ecology, the CERAMA, the City of Toulouse or the Dunkirk Port authorities.

Partnerships and valorisation

In the framework of contracts, notably, the GU staff and students develop innovative methods and tools for various planning and engineering urban problems, transforming and valorising prototypes into operational and professional tools: the OSIRIS and AMICE platforms to handle flood threats in the Loire and Meuse river basins, the Delta-CAD company ...


Students who take the GU programme can apply for a double-diploma with the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure ETS-Montreal (Canada) and with the UT Braunschweig (Germany). There are also opportunities for exchange programmes:

  • in Europe: Germany, Italy, Lithonia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland....
  • in the Americas: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada ...
  • or elsewhere in the world: Hong-Kong, Turkey, South Korea ...

Further Education

UTC offers GU graduates to register for a PhD on a topic related to one of the research topics studied by the UTC-AVENUES-GU.


Directeur du Département
Fabrice Locment
Phone : 03 44 23 49 22 | Contact by email

Responsable Pédagogique
Fabien Lamarque
Phone : 03 44 23 79 00 | Contact by email

Coordination des Stages
Nathalie Molines
Phone : 03 44 23 44 60 | Contact by email

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