The UTC Core Programme in Engineering

The UTC core programme correspond to the first two years of the engineering diploma cursus. It allows students to discover the corporate world, to confirm their motivations and aspirations and above to facilitate their choice of an elective major specialty.


The core programme enables students:

  • to gain skills in a wide range of essential scientific areas: mathematics, physics, chemistry ...;
  • to learn new skills in technical matters: computer sciences and engineering, technical draughtsmanship, construction techniques, mechanical part design ...;
  • to improve personal communication skills, bot written and spoken, in French and in foreign languages ...;
  • to acquire an open mind to humanities and social sciences;
  • and, last but not least, to acquire a Hugh level of self-reliance that any future engineer will need.

Choosing credit courses (CCs)

The core programme allows students - who, in addition to attending the main lectures, work in groups - to prepare for a professional future. The courses proposed come in modules, as follows:

  • Sciences: maths, physics, chemistry ...
  • Technologies: computer sciences and engineering, technical draghtsmanship ...
  • Foreign languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish ...
  • Humanities and social sciences: philosophy, management, economics, history, law ...

› Students are totally free in respect to their personal choice of an elective major.


Students' progress is continuous, of variable format depending on choices made by the Head teacher of each CC: part-term exams, exposés, lab. work, projects ... and in most cases, a final, overarching examination.

Each module course carries an ECTS value (European Credit Transfer System). This agreed academic assessment system across European universities lends better transparency to the courses and encourages mobility and recognition of studies carried out outside the origination country and university.

The accumulation of ECTS values is used to determine and authorize admission to a chosen elective major.


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