The elective specialty Management of Innovative Projects

The elective specialty "Management of Innovative Projects" is a valid path to obtaining the UTC engineering diploma, whatever the elective major chosen (GB, GI, GM, GP, GSM or GSU), given that it takes onto account socio-economic realities and the now well-established need to be able to work efficiently in teams.


Student-engineers opting for MPI first receive a solid grounding in the main scientific and technological tools for their elective specialty. The skills and knowhow that are specific to functions needed for these future managers come in addition, covering project management techniques, marketing, research, development, industrialization, quality control and industrial economics, patents and standards, ICTs and knowledge management, manpower resources, mind-mapping, brainstorming,; storyboarding together with various problem-solving techniques (AV, QFD, CCO, etc.). To test them as they progress, the student are invited to tackle sizeable projects in partnerships with relevant industrialists.

MPI students have free access to a specific 'collaborative work' setting, to appropriate data bases and to experimental test rigs.

MPI Placements and industrial relations

More than 1 500 projects have been successfully carried out by students in MPI in collaboration with companies such as Ernst & Young, Valéo, Air Liquid, Axalto, Société Générale, Air France, Labinal, l'Oreal, , Autoliv-ncs, , Alcore Technologie, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Constructa Asset Management, Bouygues Immobilier, Accenture, Alma Consulting Group, Digitalsk, Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse, Bertin Technologies, Cap Gemini, Lajous Industries / Groupe Lafarge, Gaz de France Transport, Bureau Veritas Consulting, Schneider Electric, CHU de Pointe-à-Pitre, HM Orangina Schweppes, Groupe 3M France, RATP and also in numerous SMEs and starts-up.

Add-on training modules

Bolt-on training modules UTC proposes several Master's degrees: knowledge-engineering (KE); UxD (User-Centered Design) and the specialty SIC (Strategies for Innovation in complex situations).


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