Sports, Music and Elite Entrepreneurship

Sports Elite, Music Elite and Elite Entrepreneurship are three combined educational domains set up specially to meet the educational needs of potential high-level athletes, musicians and starter entrepreneurs who register at UTC. The activities are integral parts of their full UTC course.

UTC Sports Elite

Sports Elite plays an important role in the local innovation and creativity ecosystem, inasmuch as the entrepreneurial world and that of high level sports share the same quest for performances and must be prepared to undergo the pressures that go with obtaining results in the face of competition. Practicing sports brings in a 'body-beautiful' dimension that is conducive to team work and management and strengthens commitments to the tasks set. These potential athletic champions are mentored closely by UTC pedagogical specialists. The students' timetables are arranged so that they can combine their training, their sports events and their course requirements.

Candidates for sports elite cursus must first be registered on the higher education high-level athletes' lists (elite, young or 'promising' categories) drawn up by the Ministry in charge of Sports; or alternately, by producing a record of competition results over the past or current year that designates the candidate as being in the bracket 10-15 best performers of his/her category and specialty; or again, as part of a national division championship team and, naturally, complying with the academic perquisites for admission to UTC.


Responsable SUAPS et Sport Elite
Arnaud Vannicatte
Phone : 03 44 23 73 66 | Contact by email

Véronique Dessaux
Phone : 03 44 23 43 49 | Contact by email

UTC Music Elite

Music Elite welcomes students who already have acquired solid instrumental skills before they come to Compiegne; they can continue for a full semester in collective formations (classical and contemporary music). The courses followed (specific CCs) are integral parts of the cursus.

Those who are accomplished musicians can benefit from a one year partnership with the Compiegne Musical Conservatory, again integrated to the cursus, with special master classes for their instrument and other opportunities offered (worships, orchestral training and events ...). Of course, they can participate in a number of music-oriented associations at UTC.


Responsable Musique Elite
Frédéric Huet
Phone : 03 44 23 45 97 | Contact by email

UTC Entrepreneurship Elite

Entrepreneurship Elite addressed 'early bird' students who wish to confront the challenges of today's entrepreneurial world, inter alia, competitivity through innovation, hybrid solutions, agile manufacturing and management, network building, international ventures, to name but a few.

The concept underling the creation of entrepreneurship elite is to encourage the emergence of projects from ideas and UTC consequently offers a framework to develop potential skills in these fields. Four priority axes are defined: training specific to engineer-entrepreneurs, converting the student's idea into a viable project, providing coaching and mediation with the environment and innovation intensive ecosystem.

The benefits are personal coaching as the project progresses whilst ensuring that the engineering training courses are being correctly followed. For this, the entrepreneur-student also have arranged timetables; for example, they are allowed to take on a reduced number of CCs/semester and even have a "semester off" to devote themselves full time to the project. Their end-of-studies placement or project will necessarily be entrepreneurial, such as setting up a company.

They are assigned space at the UTC Daniel Thomas Innovation Centre (UTC-IC) so that they can have real contacts with the entrepreneurial network that exists at UTC and also have aces to the Fab'Lab and Creativity Room facilities, equipment and expertise. They are invited to seminars, special days and the UTC-IC's Startup Weekend. They receive help and an accompaniment in their fund-raising operations (CRP, BPI, Pepite ...) and a preparation if they wish to enter for the young entrepreneurs competitions and last but not least, they can pursue under the statute of student-entrepreneur in the UTC-IC nursery start up section.

Coaching consists of orienting the students to resources - they learn how to organize themselves, develop strategies ... integrate lead-time factors, to progress by seeking and finding skills, data, advice ...


Responsable Entreprenariat Elite
Véronique Misseri
Phone : 03 44 23 79 07 | Contact by email

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