Placements and International activities (Engineer)

Another strong and successful feature of UTC training cursus are the enterprise placements (totalling at least 14 months), an integral part of the university’s pedagogy. They must be validated before award of the engineering diploma. UITC has a special service: Pole Training-Enterprise (RFE) to help the contacts and choice of placement, to advise students via round tables, visits …

Core programme placements (France and abroad)

The requirement here are placements of 4 weeks at least to understand the engineering profession better, enabling students to implement certain concepts learned at the university, to develop team work capacities and to see production organization at first hand.

  • The first placement is the technical placement between first and second semester where the students are posted and assigned a (set of) task(s).
  • The second placement is optional, between the third and fourth semesters, either in a professional setting or at a university in a country the language of which is taught at UTC (English, German, Japanese, Spanish ...).

Each placement produces a written and oral report. The CC is validated when the company assessment, and the student's reports are certified as satisfactory.

It is also possible for students to spend the full core programme 4th semester attending classes at a partner university (in Europe, Chile, China and the United States ...).

By conventional contract agreements a remuneration is decide for the work done. Students in placements are required to comply with the company's house rules, in particular industrial secrecy.

Elective major placements

Of the 6 semesters following the core programme, in a chosen elective major, each UTC student will spend 2 semesters in a professional setting, in France or abroad, one during the 3rd semester and the end-of-studies project placement in the 6th and final semester. It is noteworthy that over 2 500 industrial partners have hosted UTC students for placements.


Coordinatrice des stages courts
Lauriane Dupuis
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Nicolas Salzmann
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Coordinatrice des stages à l'international
Aurélie Delorme
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Insertion professionnelle
Mylène Le Fur
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