Specialty - Management of Industrial Processes (GPI-CPI)

With a solid grounding in industrial processes, the GPI-CPI specialty students are capable of managing production teams and indeed this managerial capacity and in-depth knowledge of optimization protocols allows them to rapidly move up the staff ladder to occupy executive positions.


GPI-CPI, students will cover the following ground:

  • the basics of Process Engineering
  • chemistry of nuclear and catalytic solids
  • digital modelling and process simulations
  • advanced control and automation
  • design for clean processes
  • fuzzy logic
  • physical orders of magnitude and metrology
  • separation physics and processes
  • system safety and human factors


Some 50% of the GP-CPI students, over and above the placements overseas spend a full semester in University exchange programme (in Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Finland, Sweden ...).

Professional Openings

45 % of the recruitment offers to GPI-CPI students follow suite to an end-of-studies project. They are often recruited by the major industrial groups.

Secteurs d'activité

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Further Education

UTC also proposes to GPI-CPI graduates:

  • a Master's degree in "Transformation and Valorisation of Natural Resources" in two specialties: "Processes and Valorisation Technologies for Renewable Resources) (PTV2R) and "Product formulation engineering" (GPF)

  • a PhD

› The above courses and other, shorter modules whether leading to a diploma award or not, can be obtained in the UTC Continuous Education scheme or via the Professional experience validation scheme (VAE).


Responsable de la filière
Khalil Shakourzadeh
Phone : 03 44 23 46 28 | Contact by email

Responsable pédagogique
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Coordinatrice des stages
Martine Yvinec
Phone : 03 44 23 43 28 | Contact by email

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