Humanities and Technology Course (Hutech)

A noteworthy and universally appreciated recently introduced feature of training at UTC is the emphasis placed on students acquiring a good grounding in the interactions and impacts of technology in industrial and social challenges on human and societal values. For these reasons, there an alternative to the historic core programme briefly described above, called Hutech (humanities and technology). It is open to school leavers with the one of the French following Baccalaureates: (science), ES (economics) or L (literature – but with the option mathematics). After 3 years, this course opens the way to admission to a Master’s degree.


Although technical discoveries, skills and achievements have accompanied the human species ever since homo sapiens, the world today needs engineers and scientists who are aware of the challenges in human and societal terms when new technologies are developed.

In just the last two decades, the way we live, work and even think has chnaged radically. Managers must control and accompany developments, while retraining their curiosity, their inventiveness and creativity, all of which are essential for innovative solutions, products and services to benefit all.

Students who join the UTC-Hutech stream will develop the capacity to combine different logics, for applications in industry and entrepreneurship ventures.

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Target candidates for Hutech

Candidates for Hutech must firstly present excellent baccalaureate marks, then must demonstrate their sensitivity to mixed cultural-technical issues, their interest for the history of techniques and technologies an awareness of possible impacts on Society, have a propensity for abstract thinking, self-questioning, conceptualization, reformulation of problems encountered and a prediction as future committed actors in tomorrow's technological developments.


Responsable du cursus
Nicolas Salzmann
Phone : 03 44 23 52 09 | Contact by email

Service des Admissions
Valérie Kopinski
Phone : 03 44 23 43 15 | Contact by email

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