Specialty - Knowledge engineering and information processing support (ICSI)

The objective of this elective specialty « Knowledge engineering and information processing support (ICSI) is to prepare GI students for future employment in computer sciences and data processing positions. The pervasiveness we note in ICTs allows for knowledge engineering for corporate settings. This area represents a voluminous immaterial content. In the main, information and knowledge are contained in written documents and/or as symbolic representations which today are digitized, dynamic and interactive. In this context, collaborative work, fluidity of the relationships among the actors, knowledge sharing, use of tools and common vocabulary which are omnipresent.

Three key words summarize the scope of GI-ICSI:

  • representation (knowledge and modelling)
  • interaction (man, machine, collective)
  • documentation (content management, indexation, documentary sciences, information research and extraction).


The specific GI-ICSI courses are:

  • index referencing and information search protocols: Principles and tools for document or multi-media support analysis.
  • interactive system engineering: Design and assessment of interactive systems, development of graphic interfaces, multimedia programming, virtual reality.
  • document and content engineering: digitized documents, marker languages, structured and applications.
  • multi-agents systems: communication, collaboration, negotiation ; coordination, cooperation, conflict solving ; representations and ontology; analytical methods and design of SMAs (system management architectures)
  • modelling, capitalizing and management of corporate knowledge bases: corporate memory, the 2.0 enterprises, collaborative environment, electronic document manegpment, organization, learning protocols.


GI-ICSI relies on research work in progress by specialists in knowledge and content engineering, on artificial intelligence (AI) and Man-machine relations.


GI-ICSI has access to and makes full use of three 'restricted, auhorised users only ' platforms:

  • JADE: a multiagent platform

Placements and Industrial Relations

Some industrial partners (as guest lecturers, participating in the GI-ICSI advisory council) also welcome students for their end-of-studies projects - notably: Amadeus, Excilys, SOLANN, MC2I, Mental Works, INA, CETMEF, CGI Business Consulting, Micropole, Capgemini.


Students who take the GI-ICSI elective specialty can be accepted for a semester study in one of UTC's partner universities (cf. table) and can also carry out their end-of-studies with certain companies such as PAREXEL, Apple ... Some graduates start their careers abroad.

Professional Openings


  • Building intranet (CMS) content engineering to efficiently handle corporate document bases, to overview a technical forum, a collaborative space ...
  • Development of a portal for resource management (human and technical)
  • Development of computer aided, intuitive, annotation of a 3D datum and sharing it on a collaborative platform.

Secteurs d'activité

Rendering of the chart in progress...

Further Education

As for the students in GI-ADEL above, UTC also proposes to the GI-ICSI students:

  • 4 Master's degrees and 14 specialties among which Information Technology for Cooperating Autonomous systems (TIS), under the training label MS2T which focuses on interacting software technologies (smart cars on roads, information exchange networks ...)

  • a specialty course " User eXperience Design " (UxD) which is a blend of skills borrowed from design, computer and social sciences to train design specialists in interaction questions that focus on Mankind, combining analysis and observation of complex situations, design processes and production of innovative technology-intensive products and services.

  • PhD: in particular at the UTC-Heudiasyc Lab.

› The above courses and other, shorter modules whether leading to a diploma award or not, can be obtained in the UTC Continuous Education scheme or via the Professional experience validation scheme (VAE).


Responsable de la filière
Marie-Hélène Abel
Phone : 03 44 23 49 50 | Contact by email

Responsable pédagogique
Philippe Trigano
Phone : 03 44 23 45 02 | Contact by email

Coordinatrice des stages
Valérie Texier
Phone : 03 44 23 52 37 | Contact by email

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