Specialty - Aids to logistic decisions (GI-ADEL)

The aim of this elective specialty “Aids to logistic decisions” (GI-ADEL) is to train engineers who will be able to carry out and manage projects that relate to design and management of information processing systems used as aids to decision with high-level software engineering skills. ADEL graduates can work on harmonization and synch. problems for physical data and information flows (components, raw materials), or even financial aspects of data exchanges.


The CC courses specific to the GI-ADEL specialty contribute to the training of experts for design and management of logistics-oriented systems.

  • Transport and distribution logistics: students completing GI-ADEL will be competent in design and optimization of what is called 'outsourced' logistics. Real case studies well serve as simplified course models.
  • Techniques and tools for production management: the studies here focus on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and on the new demands for industrial competitivity. The course covers scheduling techniques in production workshops and on a quantitative approach to corporate management problems.
  • Design and management of the logistics supply chain: students here learn the 'basics' on logistics and learn the techniques of Supply Chain Management (SCM). Other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software packages are introduced, as are modelling and advanced optimization techniques. Special attention is given to the Witness System Simulation Modeling platform which allows users to model any business process in a 2D or 3D risk-free environment, no matter how complex.


The GI-ADEL specialty relies on research staff at UTC-Heudiasyc (joint CNRS/UTC Lab) who are specialists of scheduling and transportation networks. Students here can approach research topics via experimental work (TX) under the supervision of Heudiasyc staff.

Placements and Industrial Relations

Numerous industrialists contribute to an excellent level in the GI-ADEL specialty, either in the form of seminars, guest lectures and on the specialty's advisory board: Veolia Environnement, CEA, Lanner Group, France Telecom, Saint-Gobain, Cadextan, Société Générale, etc. The offer for placements is abundant - from partners above and also from the logistics divisions of large companies such as Amadeus, Danone, L'Oréal ...


Students who take the GI-ADEL elective specialty can be accepted for a semester study in one of UTC's partner universities (cf. table) or with some major ICT industrial groups (Google ...).

Professional Openings

Professional openings for graduates from GI-ADEL are generally in the service sector or in the data processing services of major groups. Examples can be consultancy agencies, software editors, logistics services.

Further Education

UTC also proposes:

  • 4 Master's degrees and 14 specialties among which Information Technology for Cooperating Autonomous systems (TIS), under the training label MS2T which focuses on interacting software technologies (smart cars on roads, information exchange networks ...)

  • PhD: in particular at the UTC-Heudiasyc Lab.

› The above courses and other, shorter modules whether leading to a diploma award or not, can be obtained in the UTC Continuous Education scheme or via the Professional experience validation scheme (VAE).


Responsable du département
Aziz Moukrim
Phone : 03 44 23 49 52 | Contact by email

Responsable pédagogique
Philippe Trigano
Phone : 03 44 23 45 02 | Contact by email

Coordinatrice des stages
Valérie Texier
Phone : 03 44 23 52 37 | Contact by email

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