Apprenticeship leading to the UTC engineering diploma

One of the prime features of UTC is the students’ freedom of choice and, in the case of the apprenticeships, the 3 years professional experience are added value to the engineering diploma.

UTC builds on skills acquired in enterprise settings and apprentices are invited to enrich the scheme. They are monitored and counselled carefully. The enterprises also contribute to improving the scheme -there is the special "sandwich engineers' day" where the Manpower Managers of the companies discuss and prepare their recruitment campaign for the following year.

The profiles of apprenticeship engineers trained at UTC correspond to two specialty majors in Mechanical engineering and to Computer sciences and Engineering: cf. Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems Engineering Sciences and Computer Sciences and Engineering.

The UTC apprenticeship scheme is a pedagogical investment for the future ; the course contents of the last 3 years of the cursus are followed by the 'apprentices' over 5 years (following the recommendations of the French national engineering degree commission (CTI).

The recruitment protocol for apprentice-engineers is identical to that of the 'classic" admission process. Consequently, the diplomas awarded in each stream are equivalent.

The advantage for the university is to build partnerships with the apprentices' companies that not only help upgrade the pedagogy applicable for the 3 years of the contract but offer the opportunity, through numerous exchanges, to see the apprentices embody and display their full potential.

Partners of note are: Air France Industrie, Amadeus, Areva, Bec Frères, BNP Paribas, Cap Gemini, CETIM, Chanel, EADS, EDF, Faurecia, Goodrich, IBM, Hervé Devaux Structures, Hispano Suiza, Leanovia, L'Oréal, Maguin, Nestlé, Panhard, Poclain Hydraulics, Procter & Gamble, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Saint Gobain Sekurit, SAFRAN, SNECMA, Vallourec ...

The sandwich course schedule is such that is enables the apprentices to spend a significant fraction of their time in enterprise.

  • During their first year at UTC, they have an a la carte schedule to bolster, where necessary, their scientific and technological grounding whilst discovering their professional environment.
  • In their second year, longer spells with their employer enhance the possibilities to acquire the skills expected of professional engineers.
  • Third year sees these skills reinforced and the apprentices also learn and practice project management.

The international aspect take the form of a placement abroad during the 3 years.

› More scheduling, course contents, credits and contractual details are set out in the French site version.


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