Specialty - Processes for Valorisation of Renewable Resources (PV2R)

The objective of the Master’s degree specialty Processes for Valorisation of Renewable Resources (PV2R) is to provide solid bases for new industries in assessment and development of renewable resources, based on clean, green processes, i.e., that are economical in reactive agents and energy, and compliant with environmental constraints). In particular focus is on production of bio-energies or high added value molecules, by-products, biomass, least waste policies and CO2 capture and sequestration

Training contents and location

The PV2R specialty is taught at two sites (M1S1 at UPJV and M1S2 and M2 at UTC).

PV2R training leads to acquirement of expert skills in physical processes (extraction/ separation techniques), in thermo-chemical processes (pyrolysis, gasification) and biotechnology intensive processes applicable to renewable resources.

The course contents cover control of eco-design and eco-efficiency, new product constraints, alternative or improved products and processes (ultrasonics, microwaves, pulsed fields, extrusion ...) to processes needed for bio-refining technologies, valorisation of by-products and waste.

Training is organized two main blocks:

  • physical, chemical and biological aspects of raw material transformation (bio-transformations, extraction, separation and purification of bio-molecules, solid-state reactives, shaping divided solids);
  • Implementation of clean, green processes used in transformations, conservation and treatments, eco-technologies and waste management (emergent processes, transformation of agro-resources into bio-fuels, energy use valorisation of biomass and minimal waste policies).

Professional Openings

The professional openings are to be found in agro-industries, energy sectors and environment preservation, where new innovative processes technologies are discovered, developed and implemented (agro-industries, bio-refineries, chemical industries ...).


Responsable de la spécialité
Eugène Vorobiev
Phone : 03 44 23 52 73 | Contact by email

Responsable Master
Sandrine Morandat
Contact by email

Francoise Meresse
Phone : 03 44 23 79 53 | Contact by email

Formation continue
Phone : 03 44 23 46 29

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