Specialty - User eXperience Design (UxD)

The User eXperience Design specialty (UxD) combines skills from various design-intensive fields, from computer sciences and IT and from cognition sciences to train specialists in the design of products and services, plus interface devices, focused on humans and on their experience. The target population comprises students with design, computer sciences, applied science and humanities backgrounds who wish to take an active role in anticipatory project work that addresses human/outside world interactions and implements technological tools and techniques.


Pedagogy here calls for pluridisciplinary project team work, training ensures the students find themselves in close contact with the key actors in associate professional and research sectors. The contacts take the form of:

  • guest lecturers, both academics and industrialists,
  • projects focusing on human Interactions with the outside world via technology
  • workshops conducive to seeing ideas emerge, starting with concept proving to functional demonstrators,
  • acquiring the skills of graphic arts, creation of visuals, interaction design and video games,
  • acquisition of knowledge relevant to the technical aspects (people-systems dialogues, cognition intensive technologies, multimodal actions, straight/mixed/enhanced virtual reality (VR), nomad, ubiquitous and tangible interfaces, human factors (analysis of processes, user feedback and experience, cognitive ergonomics, usability, use(r) sociology, data analysis, enactive approach, enhanced, situation and/or distribution cognition,
  • mastery of knowledge to correctly analyse, formalize and predict the forms as of instrumented interactive experience, especially in collective contexts, as well as conducting a design process up to and including the functional demonstrator which implies also a mastery of computer science, IT and mechatronics to design and assemble a prototype.

Professional objectives

Graduates, viz., those who successfully complete the UxD course will become scientific officers and/or engineers in charge of R&D that relate to human/system interactions (aka man-machine relations), to manage design-intensive activities in the R&D divisions of major groups (industrial and/or service oriented), public services, SSIIs, computer equipment manufacturers, start-ups, consultancy agencies, or can also with this Master pursue to obtain a PhD in UX design.


Responsable de la spécialité
Anne Guénand
Phone : 03 44 23 45 59 | Contact by email

Responsable Master
Sandrine Morandat
Contact by email

Francoise Meresse
Phone : 03 44 23 79 53 | Contact by email

Formation continue
Phone : 03 44 23 46 29

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