Specialty - Complex Mechanical Structures and Systems (SMC)

At the cross-roads of mechanical testing and computational mechanics, this Master’s degree course -SMC (Complex Mechanical Structures and Systems) aims at training specialists capable of understanding material mechanical behavior and acquiring skills in computational mechanics for the purpose of designing, assessing and certifying new materials, and mechanical systems and structures and to optimize their performance levels. In this course, emphasis is put on the skill to integrate experimental and computational mechanics.


The teaching course teams develop tools, models , experimental, theoretical and computational methodologies, that cover all the steps of the mechanical simulation and of a digital model chain and making relevant use of data (field measurements, image correlation). The course also provides students with advanced skills that enable them to identify, enrich and certify material behaviour and computational models, at various scales while taking into accountun certainity and variability.

Training provides acquisition of the following skills

  • Using mechanical testing for a more predictive simulation
  • Experimental and computational techniques and tools for mechanical modelling, identification and characterization (field measurement) of materials and multi-materials (metallic, composite, polymer materials)
  • Uncertainty and variability in mechanics
  • Advanced techniques and tools needed for digital modelling
  • Optimization and model reduction in mechanics
  • Solving coupled, multi-physics problems

Professional objectives

The training provided here allows SMC graduates to obtain immediate acceptance as R&D engineers, in various industrial mechanical engineering sectors notably in the transportation sector, in energy and the environment and also in academic (or industrial) research positions by pursuing studies to PhD level.


Responsable du parcours
Alain Rassineux
Phone : 03 44 23 52 72 | Contact by email

Responsable Master
Sandrine Morandat
Contact by email

Francoise Meresse
Phone : 03 44 23 79 53 | Contact by email

Formation continue
Phone : 03 44 23 46 29

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